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Pleasure Driving (14.4 MB WMV, 1:57)
Pleasure Driving
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This is an open donkey (all sizes) pleasure driving class. This class is judged primarily on the performance of the donkey. The donkey has to be able to trot at two speeds (a slow trot, also called a park trot) and a faster working trot (also called a road gait). They are also asked to walk and rein back (usually while in the line up). Smoothness of gait and a clear transition of gait are important. This video, taken in 1998 at the Great Celebration Mule and donkey show, Shelbyville TN, shows our senior herd sire, LN Redsonne, competing with some of the country's top mammoth donkeys. Sonne won the class.

Single Stake Race (5.5 MB, WMV, 0:44)
Single Stake Race
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The Single Stake Race is an NMDA driving race in which the donkey crosses over the starting line, runs around a stake, cone or barrel placed 100 ft from the start and then races back to the starting line with the fastest donkey winning. In the video (taken in 1999 at the Great Celebration in Shelbyville TN) our senior herd sire, Redsonne, is showing his winning form. During his show career, Sonne was never beaten in a stake or barrel race. In the video Sonne was cantering but the NMDA has changed the rules and now only trotting is allowed.

In Hand Jumping (5.8 MB, MPG, 0:25)
In Hand Jumping
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In Hand Jumping is an NMDA (National Miniature Donkey Assoc) sanctioned class in which there can be as many as 8 jumps up to 28 inches high. The jumps can be post and rail (as in the video), brush jumps, water jumps, mock walls, etc. The first round of jumping is not timed and any donkey making it through this round without any faults (knockdowns or refusals) moves to the second round. In the second round (timed) the jumps are raised as much as 6 inches and the number of jumps is decreased. In this round, the donkey with the fastest time and least number of faults is the winner. To be successful in this class, the donkey not only has to be a good jumper but he/she must also be very responsive to the handler as fast turns are often necessary. Our jennet, Cedar Creek Farm's April Love, is featured in the video. She won the class.


Coon Jumping (17.3 MB, WMV, 1:45)
Coon Jumping
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Coon jumping is a class named after the practice of jumping mules over fences during a hunt for raccoons with the dogs. During the hunt, there were often fences in the way of the chase. The rider would dismount and place a blanket over the fence (which was often barbed wire) and then have the mule jump the fence from a standstill. In the National Miniature Donkey Association coon jumping class, the donkey has to come to a complete stop after stepping inside of a box drawn 10 feet in front of the jump. The handler can put a towel or blanket over the jump if he/she chooses to do so. After coming to a stop, the donkey can move around inside of the box before jumping but if it steps outside the box, or knocks down the jump, it is eliminated. It has 45 seconds or 3 attempts to make the jump. After all the donkeys in the class jump (or have attempted to jump) the bar is raised in 2-3 inch increments. The donkey clearing the highest jump wins the class. The short video clip shows the last two donkeys remaining in the class at Cheers For Ears 2004. Our little Cedar Creek Farm's Sparky (31 inches tall) won the class over some much larger donkeys. The donkey in the still picture is Cedar Creek Farm's Fancy That, handled by Matt Grubb shown winning the Coon Jump class at the TN State fair, by jumping 36 inches. Both Sparky and Fancy are sired by our senior herd sire, LN Redsonne.

Obstacle Driving (12.4MB, WMV, 1:45)
Obstacle Driving
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